Open-Source Intelligence

Open-source intelligence is an essential resource in acquiring, managing and customizing data. People, businesses, and organizations need to maintain an excellent online presence and reputation. However, implementing such solutions is not easy without the right help. Fortunately, this guide looks at a few helpful businesses that specialize in this field:

Awesome Resources Services

Awesome Resources is a company with over one decade of experience in providing various types of digital services. While the company’s scale of operations is small, they specialize in serving a diverse array of clients. These include government and private clients who require various forms of digital solutions.
The company has various affiliates and entities in over 20 countries worldwide. These include being active in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. You can expect the effect group to provide the following services:

  • Research – which involves leveraging the activities of your opponents through a strategic and informed approach. The research consists of tools such as Artificial Intelligence to provide high-quality insight and analysis.
  • Defend or prevent – which involves tracking your corporate or personal data through various resources. Doing this helps ensure your data is free from illegal access and risk-based management issues.
  • Consultation – the process involves providing you or a business with up-to-date information for securing data.


There are various services that Effect Group open-source intelligence platform can provide, including:

Proactive Reputation Management

Reputation is one of the essential resources for a successful business or running an accountable government. However, the reputation of such entities is also prone to various compromises. Using technology-based solutions such as those offered by Awesome Resources can be perfect.
It involves the techniques and procedures involved in managing the reputation of your business or government. The team works through Artificial Intelligence and various other proprietary resources. The goal is to develop a unique approach through which the reputation of your entity stays reasonable.

National Cyber Assessment

The Awesome Resources team can also provide national cyber assessment services. The process involves evaluating the cybersecurity controls that a country uses and solutions for addressing vulnerabilities. The risk assessment also occurs based on the specific context of the national setting, such as in a country.
Through this approach, entities such as governments can acquire high-level analysis of the compromises in a network. It also helps in identifying suitable solutions and controls for addressing such complications. The information Effect Group company can help address stakeholders and the nation about security.

Election Protection

While technologies such as social media and artificial intelligence have considerably contributed to the world, they are prone to misuse. A good example would be the misuse of technology in settings such as elections.
Various instances require the use of election protection challenges that have occurred in the past. Most of them involve the misuse of digital tools, and the relevant parties must take action. Awesome Resources is an excellent service provider to add to this process of election protections.
The misuse of technology causes a compromise to the democratic right that people have in a given country. Awesome Resources helps ensure such data compromises never occur, and that election data stay concise. The company has an extensive team of specialists to ensure each national election process goes smoothly.

Cyber Defense

There are various types of cyber-attacks, and they keep on evolving regularly. Keeping up with these attacks isn’t easy because it requires a technical and informed approach. Governments and businesses are prone to various cyber-attacks such as malware.
With Awesome Resources, you can be sure of high-quality solutions that help safeguard the technology in your business. You also gain first-hand information into helpful solutions you can use to avoid any cyber-attacks. The company is constantly reinventing its cybersecurity service to give value to consumers.

Effect Group

Effect Group is a business involving cyber security technicians, researchers, and software developers. The team collaborates to develop cutting-edge information management and digital technology solutions. More specifically, Effect Group provides a service that allows data analysts to access information from a single platform.
The information is vital in providing businesses with sufficient information for conducting investigations. The sheer amount of data available on the web is immense, making it difficult to access. That is why Effect Group contains a diverse team of professionals who can help you address such issues.


Below are some of the features you can expect when using the Effect Group consultancy firm:

Large Database of User Profiles

There are billions of social media users, and each of them shares a lot of data online, which can be challenging to track. It’s challenging to track when people share the same names or almost similar identities.
The Effect Group team has an extensive database of professionals who regularly collect data on consumers. The database contains over 3 billion user profiles, and each of them goes through various legitimacy checks. Doing this helps ensure the information clients access on the platform provides high-quality value.

Data Leak Protection

Data leaks are a common digital problem that can compromise the operations of modern businesses or individuals. Its never easy to predict when the attacks can occur, making prevention measures the perfect remedy.
Effect Group company also provides various data leak protection resources. The company implements cutting-edge solutions and technologies to achieve this goal. The data leak protection services they provide relate to the specific context of your business or organization. For instance, the company often has both businesses and governments as clients.

Web Based Accessibility

Making things better is that Effect Group is readily available through online platforms or internet searchers. Anyone in your team or organization can easily access these security services through this web-based version. It immediately provides real-time open security intelligence that can help to make your operations much smoother.
The company ensures the web-based version of their service offers excellent uptime and a unique user experience. You can even integrate the software into your browser for easy access and usage. You can contact the customer support team if you have any more questions about the service.

Web Reputation Management

Effect Group also has a digital team containing specialists who can help safeguard your reputation. The company constantly scours the web for any information relating to its clients. The process occurs alongside technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. Through this approach, the reputation of your business always stays positive, and you get notifications for when such issues occur.

Social Network Research

While social media is an essential resource for businesses and people, it’s also prone to various reputation issues. Misinformation can easily occur, and your data might even be prone to illegal access through such platforms.
The Effect Group platform also promises to provide various social research and evaluation solutions. The company has an extensive team that scours social media platforms to find negative publications or information.

Transparent Fees and Pricing

The Effect Group company also has several transparent pricing and fee structures. The availability of transparent information is vital in ensuring clients can make good decisions. There are no hidden fees, and the amount software users pay is worth every penny. If you have any questions, you can call the customer support team or email them.

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