President Criticized The Former Judge And Former Minister

President Jair Bolsonaro criticized Sergio Moro We can this Monday 6 and doubted the chances of the former minister of Justice and Public Security being successful in the 2022 presidential elections According to the head of the Executive Moro I couldn’t even participate in a debate with him.

To try to copy my Brazil above all God above all he put the people above all This one cant stand ten seconds of debate Bolsonaro told supporters in front of Palácio da Alvorada The president even complained about Moros performance when he was part of his government.

Moro also said he could be tougher Get more involved in the matter of his armaments ordinances How does the guy accept to work with me knowing I’m an armamentist It worked against for a long time I found out later It had to have character right All I had to do was say I’m not interested in working because I’m on the left commented the president.

Last week Bolsonaro had already criticized the former minister Live on social media he was irritated by the comment Moro made to the press that the president would have celebrated when former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva PT was released because that would be good for him politically.

A subject I didn’t want to talk about here because it messes with former ministers But this guy is blatantly lying Hes a guy who wants to be a candidate its his right then instead of demonstrating what hes done hes left alone pointing fingers at others and lying.

That’s Sergio Moros case His latest news is that Bolsonaro celebrated when Lula was released says Moro And in the video he says I heard Its a clown role of a characterless guy the president said.

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