PEC Guarantees The Maintenance Of Tax Incentives To Information And Communication Technology Companies

The deliberative session of the PEC proposed amendment to the Constitution is scheduled for this Wednesday 9 in the Senate plenary which guarantees the maintenance of tax incentives for information and communication technology companies.

The PEC was approved this Wednesday 8 by the CCJ Committee on Constitution Justice and Citizenship of the House At the CCJ the PEC received a favorable opinion from the rapporteur senator Antonio Anastasia PSDMG.

The proposal excludes tax and tax incentives and benefits for information and communication technology ICT and semiconductor companies from the gradual tax exemption policy.

Created by the Chamber the PEC is part of an agreement to approve the constitutional amendment 109 in force since March which instituted the tax exemption policy.

It determines that the President of the Republic must present to Congress a plan for a gradual reduction in the amount of 10 annually so that after eight years only a maximum of 2 of the GDP Gross Domestic Product is used as a waiver of revenue for tax incentives and benefits.

Rapporteur Antonio Anastasia PSDMG explained that the proposal corrects changes implemented by the Emergency PEC that unbalanced the balance of the sector in favor of companies located in the Manaus Free Trade Zone He added that the PEC does not harm companies located in the Free Trade Zone as its incentives and benefits remain unchanged.

The PEC 102021 which must be voted on in the Senate plenary this Thursday provides incentives for information and communication technology TICs and semiconductor companies that are in the Manaus Free Trade Zone or that do not fit into the Simples Nacional This means that companies in this segment across the country are now benefiting.

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