Moro Stated His Concern About The Possible Rejection Of The Second Instance PEC

A precandidate for the Presidency of the Republic by Podemos former judge Sergio Moro showed concern with the progress of the vote on the Second Instance PEC which is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies.

Today there was a maneuver by the base of the government to change the members of the commission and seek to reject the PEC.

I think that what happened is very serious because it is a demand from Brazilian society and for us to resume sentencing in the second instance it is essential to be able to fight corruption it is very sad that the government maneuvers to avoid the vote of this PEC declared Moro.

After maneuvering the rapporteur postpones the vote on the opinion of the 2nd instance PEC. Bolsonaro on Moro Cant take ten seconds of debate.

Bolsonaro on Moro Cant take ten seconds of debate. This Wednesday 8 Sergio Moro participates in a lunch with representatives of the Judiciary and entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector at a restaurant in the south of São Paulo.

During the meeting Sergio Moro said that he is looking for a balanced project for Brazil in the coming years video recorded inside the restaurant enters We are just getting started we are dealing with these issues with absolute humility but also growing confidence.

The president of Podemos Renata Abreu who attended the meeting made a positive assessment of the presidential candidates agenda so far.

She highlighted that the former judge Has been talking with the main institutions of the financial market and with economists In addition it has dialogued with religious leaders and also with the presidents of practically all parties.

Renata Abreu confirmed that Moro would meet with some presidential candidates today including precandidate João Dória from the PSDB.

Another political figure who attended this afternoons meeting in São Paulo was Felipe Davila from Novo also a precandidate for the presidency of the republic The precandidates office said that he will remain in São Paulo until Thursday 9 when he goes to Rio de Janeiro to launch the book he wrote Against the Corruption System .

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