Jair Bolsonaro Signs Affiliation With The PL Party Chaired By Valdemar Costa Neto

Deputy Colonel Armando PSLSC who is also going to the PL confirms that in fact some bench colleagues will have to go to other subtitles due to alignment difficulties in some states.

The refuge will be in the acronyms that will compose the coalition for the reelection of Bolsonaro the PP and the Republicans with preference for the first party which is bigger Deputy Bibo Nunes also affirms that in some regions it will be more difficult for pocket members to join the PL Deputy Alê Silva PSLMG must join the Republicans .

Paulo was the state of greatest obstacle to Bolsonaros membership where the Liberal Party is part of Governor João Dorias PSDB base occupies space in the government and was moving towards the candidacy of current vice deputy Rodrigo Garcia PSDB for government.

For Bolsonaros affiliation however the agreement was that the legend will not support leftwing disaffected or candidates in other states which means that the PL will not be able to support Garcia In addition Bolsonaro wants to introduce the minister of Infrastructure Tarcísio de Freitas to the government of São Paulo through the PL or the minister Marcos Pontes also through the caption.

Deputy leader of the Chamber party deputy Capitão Augusto SP a supporter of the president says that it is impossible to have unanimity in politics but believes that the growth of the PL will be expressive with the presence of Bolsonaro and will overcome any losses.

The congressman admits that in the states of the North and Northeast left subtitles are stronger and that in some there was an alliance with the PL but that this will cease with the arrival of Bolsonaro.

Even so Captain Augusto believes that there will be no difficulties These are regional problems If the main problem was São Paulo and it was solved imagine the rest he said.

The solution to the problem as pointed out by the deputy was to unlink the caption from João Doria Leave the party at the disposal of Bolsonaro Because now the scenario changes right We have the candidate for president of the party And it is natural that the candidate for president wants to have a candidate for governor for the party because he needs a platform he pointed out.

Deputy Capitão Augusto points out that in the case of states in the Northeast and North the PL will be forced to avoid alliances with leftist subtitles.

It was one of Bolsonaros demands and rightfully so The position that represents the right with the flag of the right being in a party that supports a PT governor is not coherent There is no possibility of that there he stated.

Another problem state is Bahia with ACM Neto DEM a precandidate for the state government which had the support of the PL but must lose it when Bolsonaro wants the party to support the minister of Citizenship João Roma Republicans ACM Neto has been getting close to Sergio Moros Podemos.

The PL is optimistic about Bolsonaro going to the party with expectations of an increase in the number of parliamentarians Despite some resistance most states want to organize themselves to support the presidents candidacy.

A good number of regional leaders understand that the PL can win and that therefore there is no reason to disrespect the orientation given by Costa Neto to avoid coalitions with which he opposes the head of the Executive.

The presidents membership is excellent We will receive you with open arms Overall Im sure the result will be very positive for PL We are expecting to form one of the largest benches in Congress next year and Bolsonaro can help with that stresses federal deputy Giacobo PLPR president of the party in Paraná.

He doesnt see any problems in the migration of political Pocketnaristas as he believes that this can facilitate the PLs plans to hold a good election in 2022.

In Paraná the president has a good acceptance Therefore if the people who support him want to come to the PL be they councilors mayors or deputies they will all be very well received This will make a difference for our party he guarantees.

This is the same sentiment as the president of PL in Mato Grosso Ananias Filho We are going to follow the guidelines of the national directory and write compositions within a campaign structure that gives peace to Bolsonaro.

People with and without a mandate have already signaled their intention to join the party on behalf of the president and we are going to hold discussions in each municipal directory to accommodate those who have the same vision of Bolsonaros reelection project he highlights

Ananias hopes that the same alignment will take place in the other states of the country We trust national leaders The PL has always been a partisan and every time it follows the guidelines of the national directory This time it cant be different President Bolsonaro is a very strong leadership We have to be honest and follow what was lined up.

On the day of affiliation in Brasília the leader of the acronym in the Chamber Wellington Roberto PB said he believes that with the presidents departure to the party the number of members of the bench should increase by another 20 or 30 that is a number which today is 43 would go to 73.

On the same day senator Wellington Fagundes MT pointed out that the PL has the third largest bench in the Chamber and that the expectation was only for an increase with the arrival of Bolsonaro.

Deputy Captain Augusto emphasizes that unanimity is something that does not exist in politics and that the logic is the same when talking about those discontented with the presidents visit to the PL but that the vast majority of affiliates to the party are satisfied.

The change however is extremely important to the legend according to the deputy For him the party will only grow with the presence of the president But there are those who end up not following the same line the discontented ones because sometimes in his state what prevails is the left and not Bolsonaro who represents the right he comments.

Even so for him even PL lawmakers who were scathingly critical of the president will rethink the partys departure including the vice president of the Chamber Marcelo Ramos It wont turn its back on a party because it doesnt agree with a party decision They will campaign but without the name of Bolsonaro because I dont agree Its natural he said considering that any loss will be small in relation to the gain the party has.

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