Commission Approved Trip To Netherlands

The Senate Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Legislation CDH approved this Thursday morning 9 an official mission to The Hague Netherlands in January 2022.

The final report of the CPI Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry from Covid19 to the International Criminal Court ICC The delegation as required will be defined by the president of the CHR Humberto Costa PTPE who was a member of the CPI.

The report in question was approved in October this year after six months of work suggesting the appointment of President Jair Bolsonaro for various crimes including crimes against humanity tried by the ICC.

In the final stretch of the commission the senators were already talking about taking the report to The Hague which was one of the steps forward in the document.

The application approved on Thursday asks that the mission be composed of parliamentarians from the CHR and the CPI The trip will be funded by the Senate with public funds.

One of the referrals of the CPI was for the report to be delivered to the International Criminal Court as a result of a possible crime against humanity which was diagnosed in the work of the CPI said Randolfe Rodrigues.

RedeAP who was vicepresident of the commission and is the author of the application According to him court prosecutors have already signaled their willingness to receive representative members of the CPI for the delivery of the report on a date to be defined in January.

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