Acronym Faces Difficulties When Having To Abandon Alliances

The white letter that Valdemar Costa Neto received from PL to negotiate the affiliation of President Jair Bolsonaro made the party president make it clear that the party cannot make alliances with any opponent of the Chief Executive in 2022 to some state directorates of PL especially in the Northeast and North where the acronym is part of the base of the government of states commanded by parties that are on the left or oppose Bolsonaro.

With this the PL is already preparing for the departure of some affiliates The disbandment however can be offset by Bolsonaros allies who are now in other parties especially the PSL.

In Alagoas the state president of PL Maurício Quintella has already announced that he will not remain on the party He is the states Secretary of Infrastructure whose governor is Renan Filho MDB son of senator Renan Calheiros MDBAL who was the rapporteur of the CPI Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry of Covid-19.

Federal deputy Sérgio Toledo PLAL must assume command of the Alagoas directory He regrets Quintellas departure but admits that it would be difficult for him to stay due to his support for a government that does not agree with Bolsonaro.

In addition according to Toledo as political politicians who are not part of the PL already expressed their willingness to join the party due to the affiliation of the president of the Republic a change in the direction of the PL in Alagoas was inevitable.

There is still a lot that needs to be discussed with the national directory But as for the question of the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of PL if the party closes the question that it has to support Bolsonaro all state directorates are obliged to follow the orientation of the command at the federal level stressed the deputy.

The tendency is that more dissatisfied with the arrival of Bolsonaro leave the PL so that the supporters of the president have space in the party.

In Piauí Governor Wellington Dias PT has the PL at his base which leaves for example federal deputy Capitão Fábio Abreu PI in a difficult situation being one of the listed names to leave the caption There is also deputy Fernando Rodolfo PE who is against Bolsonaro and from a state governed by Paulo Câmaras PSB.

Another likely way out is that of the vice president of the Chamber Marcelo Ramos PLAM who is clearly against the management of the head of the Executive The partys directorate from Amazonas has already announced that it will make a platform for Bolsonaro which the deputy does not like.

I am a member of the PL family but I am not the owner of the house I will still have a conversation with President Valdemar Costa Neto but my permanence is very difficult says Ramos According to him the party is taking a very risky bet in adapting to Bolsonaros interests Theyre thinking hell be a buoy but I think Bolsonaro will be an anchor Only time will tell if that was the right decision.

In the PSL those who remain allied with President Bolsonaro were impelled to leave the caption with the representatives visit to the PL in the case of deputies Carlos Jordy RJ Junio Amaral MG and Bibo Nunes RS who have already declared that PL will be the new home Deputy Carla Zambelli from São Paulo a state whose PL relations are more complicated says she will do what the president asks I think it will be for PL yes he says.

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