Two presidents is that these points can be promulgated

The expectation of the two presidents is that these points can be promulgated this Wednesday (8). Although Pacheco and Lira have identified some points in common, the proposal still needs to be analyzed by the technicians of the two Houses so that they can confirm what these items are.

In a statement to the press this Tuesday night (7) after meeting at the official residence of the Chamber, the lawmakers said that the points of the PEC approved by the deputies but that were altered during the analysis of the senators will be appended to the PEC 176/2012, which is ready to be analyzed in the plenary of the House, so that they can be discussed and voted on separately next Tuesday (14).

Sole paragraph. An act of the federal Executive Branch may extend the granting of the Benefit referred to in the caput for the months of January to December 2022, considering the beneficiary families in the reference month for payment of said Benefit and subject to budgetary and financial availability.

Art. 2 The Extraordinary Benefit destined to the beneficiary families of the Auxílio Brasil Program:

it will be calculated from the sum of the financial benefits referred to in items I to III of the caption item VI of § 1 of art. 3 of Provisional Measure No. 1.061, of August 9, 2021, in the reference month;

will be equivalent to the amount necessary to reach the amount of R$ 400.00 four hundred it will not have a continuous character;

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