God was with Joseph and father for years

Today we’re going to see the most anticipated reunion of Genesis: Israel and Joseph. But the question that doesn’t keep silent is: “Why?” Why did God allow so much evil and suffering in the lives of a parent and child?

This is normally the question of those who do not know God and, therefore, prefer to use all the evil in the world to justify their unbelief. But just think a little bit… Let’s go!

God did not cause Joseph to suffer, nor the envy of his brothers, nor the greed of Potiphar’s wife, nor the humiliations that Joseph went through as a slave. No, God didn’t cause any of that; but in all of this, God was with Joseph just as He was with his father, who mourned him for years.

God does not cause pain, man does. God does not change, man does. God doesn’t envy, man does. God does not betray, man does. And why does no one blame man for his evildoings, but blame God for the evils of the world? Because the man is bad. He doesn’t want to obey or serve God; so, to justify his neglect and ingratitude and “come out on top,” he blames God for everything wrong in the world.

Even knowing this iniquity of man, God has not changed and will never change. He uses the injustice of men to make His Justice shine so that no one can say it wasn’t God.

This is what we are seeing in the story of José and what we will continue to see in the stories of #Bíblia

And if our injustice is the cause of God’s justice, what shall we say? Is God unjust, bringing wrath upon us? (as a man.) Romans 3.5

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